UFC 99: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

  • Cain Velasquez – Cain’s performance at UFC 99 showed us a lot of things about the up and comer.  There has been a lot of hype around this heavyweight fighter and it seems that UFC 99 proved the hype to be valid.  Velasquez fought a top notch contender in Cheick Kongo and overwhelmed him with his wrestling ability.  He controlled Kongo in the clinch and he controlled him on the ground, and he landed dozens of unanswered blows.  Perhaps, as Joe Rogan pointed out those ground and pound strikes were not hard punches, but they certainly took their toll.  Cain easily moved to the mount position a few times.  Remember, Cheick Kongo is no scrub.  Kongo has great stand up and great ground and pound.  Kongo could not hold Cain nor could he gain top position. One other thing abotu Cain that impressed was his ability to take a punch and keep moving forward. Cain has to now be mentioned in the title shot talk.  Velasquez and Carwin for a title shot makes sense now. 
  • Rich Franklin – Franklin executed a nice game plan and squeaked out a win.  He moves into the light heavyweight division now with a big win under his belt and a chance to make a run towards the title.  Rich does not appear to be a guy who is done fighting judging by his recent performances. 
  • Mike “Quick” Swick – Swick earned a good victory Saturday night over Ben Saunders.  I agree with Swick that he, if anyone deserves better competition.  He is 9-1 in the UFC.  He is now 4-0 at 170 lbs.  He needs a big fight at welterweight to bring him into the mix of top contenders.  Matt Hughes could be a good match as would Matt Serra.  He won’t fight Koscheck or Fitch.   Brock Larson or Carlos Condit is a good option.  I personally like the idea of Swick vs. Kampmann.
  • The Brits: The Brits looked good at UFC 99.  Paul Kelly looks promising at 155 lbs.  Paul Taylor got himself a win.  John Hathaway still promises to be a great prospect. Terry Etim continues to impress and climb the ladder at 155 lbs, it is not time for a bigger named opponent.  Dan Hardy is now 3-0 in the UFC with 3 really solid wins.  He is on the cusp of the top 10, perhaps switching places in the rankings with Marcus Davis. 

The Bad

  • Cro Cop – I do not know what all is going on with Mirko Cro Cop.  Has he signed with DREAM?  Is he going to stay with the UFC?  Is he going to see who gives the best offer?  Either way both Dana White and Cro Cop confirmed that this deal was made by a verbal agreement and was based on honor.  That type of deal is something the UFC has never done.  They trusted Cro Cop to be a man of honor.  I would have suspected the proud Croatian to hold his word in high regard.  However, he appears to have at least backed out of his promise to give the UFC 2 more fights.  If so, I believe he will hurt his fan base some.  I can handle all sorts of characters, but men without honor and liars drive me nuts.  I hope Mirko holds to his word to Dana White and the UFC.  By the way, his performance wasn’t all bad, eye poke aside. 
  • Decisions, Decisions – Fans want to see fights finished.  The main card did not have many finishes.  Granted, I enjoyed the Velasquez vs. Kongo fight as well as the Franklin vs. Silva fight. 

The Ugly

  • The Judging – There were several bouts at UFC 99 where the judges could have gone either way.  For example, I think that the Wanderlei Silva vs. Rich Franklin fight could have gone to Silva, but I won’t complain about that one because I can see the argument from eithe side.  Some suggest the Marcus Davis vs. Dan Hardy fight was a bad decision, but I don’t think it was.  I think Hardy won that fight clearly.  However, I do disagree with the Caol Uno vs. Spencer Fisher decision.  Uno pressed the action and worked the clinch as well as landed the biggest blows at the end of the fight.  Uno was the aggressor and the one who controlled the pace.  I think he won that fight.  How was the a unanimous decision.
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