Mid-Year Awards: Best Knockout

machida-evans-UFC-98Lyoto Machida KO’s Rashad Evans at UFC 98

I promise that I am not biased towards Machida in any way.  I simply think that his KO of Rashad Evans was the best knockout of the year.  Machida is a dangerous striker who has emerged as one of the pound for pound best.  Last year Rashad Evans may have had the best KO of the year, but so far he is on the receiving end of a highlight reel KO.  I believe that several factors put this KO above our second best knockout.  First, Rashad was the champion who had been showing knockout power himself, so the fight had big implications itself.  Second, it was devestating.  Those that have seen the pictures of Evans being KO’d know what I mean by that.

Fedor Emelianenko KO’s Andrei Arlovski at Affliction: Day of fedorarlovskixReckoning

This is a hard knockout to top, however I do not see it as dramatic as the Machida knockout.  Fedor was getting the bad end of the striking deal when Arlovski flew in for a knee.  Fedor timed it perfectly and knocked Arlovski cold with one punch.  Fedor further cemented himself as the world’s best heavyweight and appears to have really hurt Arlovski’s career in MMA.  For tha sake of pity I will not put Rogers’ KO of Arlovski on this list. 

Matt Hamill KO’s Mark Munoz

Maybe you are wondering if you are reading this correctly.  Matt Hamill on a best knockout list?  That’s right.  He landed a devestating head kick on Mark Munoz that saw him go unconscious in a hurry.  The KO was followed by a wil celebration of the Ohio fan favorite.  You gotta love Hamill.

Shane Carwin KO’s Gabriel Gonzaga

Carwin took a couple of hard punches, but he followed with a punch that sent Gonzaga to the canvas.  Carwin has serious power in his hands and could KO anyone with a rightly placed punch. 

Jose Aldo KO’s Cub Swanson at WEC 41

A 8 second knockout by way of double flying knee.  Aldo is quite the striker in the featehrweight division.  The cut left on Swanson was incredible.  Featherweights have reason to fear Aldo.  He is powerful, he is quick and he is unpredictable.  Oh yeah, I hear his bread and butter is his jiu jitsu. 

Vitor Belfort KO’s Matt Lindland

Is Matt Lindland awake from this one yet?  Lindland got rocked by Belfort and was seen carried out by paramedics. 

Yahir Reyes KO’s Estevan Payan at Bellator XI by Spinning Backfist

This makes this list because of how unique it was.  This KO is worth looking up.  A perfectly timed and perfectly places spinning back fist which will be on highlight reels for a while. 

Others: Damacio Page KO’s Marcos Galvao, Brett Rogers KO’s Andrei Arlovski, and Lyoto Machida KO’s Thiago Silva

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