The Big Winners for This Weekend

1. Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva was greatly questioned following lackluster performances against Patrick Cote and Thales Leites. When it was announced that Anderson would fight Forrest Griffin at 205 lbs fans expected a war. Fans expected to see Forrest’s aggression and heart displayed against the patient striker in Silva. That is not what happened. Silva dismantled Griffin and made him look stupid. Silva stood in fornt of him and danced and weaved around his punches with his hands at his side. He knocked Griffin down 3 times in round one before Griffin quit and ran out of the cage crying like a girl baby.
There is a whole separate forum to talk about Griffin’s performance and reaction, but that was not Anderson’s fault. Silva looked incredible. He looked like the fight was effortless to him. He looked like he barely broke a sweat. Let’s not forget Forrest Griffin is no slouch. He is a former light heavyweight champion. He is probably a top 5 light heavyweight in the world. I do not know if Forrest was that bad or if Anderson was that good. I lean towards Anderson being that good. Nevertheless, Silva re-established himself as the pound for pound king. He opened up doors to fight at 205 and made his next fight whoever it is agaisnt more compelling. He was the big winner this weekend.

2. B.J. Penn
A lot of people questioned B.J. Penn after his loss to Georges St. Pierre. People questioned his heart and his cardio. However, a return to 155 lbs showed why he is the best lightweight in the world. Kenny Florian was a worthy challenger. He is a tough, tough dude. He is versatile and skilled. When Florian entered the cage many thought he could beat B.J. It was a close fight for 3 rounds. Then B.J decided to win. He took Florian down, got the mount, took the back and sunk is a choke to keep his title. Questions answered. The training has obviously helped B.J. Now he is back in the pound for pound discussion and now we can eagerly wait for Penn vs. Sanchez.

3. Brian Bowles
No one gave Bowles much chance against Miguel Torres. He was inexperienced and just did not have the skill set to compete against Miguel Torres. Most experts said the only place Bowles holds the advantage is in the wrestling. Bowles showed he packs a punch. He showed knoickout power, even from within the guard. He KO’d what many think is one of the best pound for pound fighters. Now Bowles has to be in the mix. Fluke or not Bowles proved to be for real.

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