Paul Taylor vs. John Hathaway at UFC 105

Paul Taylor will be takingon fellow Brit John Hathaway at UFC 105 in Manchester, england on November 14th.

Paul “Relentless” Taylor always puts on a show. He seems to always be a shoe in for fight of the night honors each time he fights. His exciting brawling style has caused him to lose several fights, but the UFC has kept him around. Taylor last competed at UFC 99 in Germany when he earne d avictory over Peter Sabotta.

John “The Hitman” Hathaway is 2-0 in the UFC and 11-0 overall and has looked very impressive. Hathaway sets a unmatchable pace in his fights. He too is aggressive and has the ability to smoother an opponent with his wrestling ability. Hathaway also earned a victory at UFC 99 in his last outing against Rick Story.

This should be a fast paced and exciting welterweight contest. UFC 105 will air free on SPIKE on November 14th.

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