TUF 10 Preview: Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson

kimbo_ufcName: Kevin Ferguson
Nickname: Kimbo Slice
Record: 3-1
Key Wins: James Thompson, Tank Abbott
Key Losses: Seth Petruzzeli
TUF 10 Prediction: Quarter Finalist

Some of the biggest news in recent months has been the fact that Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson decided to enter the Ultimate Fighter house and attempt to win the six-figure UFC contract. There is no doubt that Kimbo will be the most recognizable name on the show this season and perhaps ever. His presence alone will surely draw much attention and help the SPIKE TV show’s ratings dramaticlly. Kimbo first burst onto the scene as a YouTube sensation. He became known for his bareknuckle back yard fighting. The EliteXC struck gold when Kimbo Slice made a run at mixed martial arts. He quickly became the promotion’s biggest name and biggest draw. He was the main event of what is now billed as the “most watched MMA fight in American history” as he defeated James Thompson live on CBS.

Kimbo does not come without critics who see him as a spectactle rather than a mixed martial artists. Dana White was one of those critics who when asked about Kimbo Slice stated that the only way Kimbo could fight in the UFC was to go through the Ultimate Fighter. He surely never anticipated Kimbo taking him up on that offer. Well…he did. Perhaps more than anything else Kimbo became associated with what became known as “standgate”. Kimbo was slated to take on MMA legen Ken Shamrock at an EliteXC event, but Shamrock pulled out last minute…literally and was replaced by TUF vet Seth Petruzelli in 14 seconds. The drama that ensued led to the collapse of ProElite and left Kimbo without a job.

A quick word to the critics out there. Kimbo may not be the second coming of Chuck Liddell, but he certainly is worthy of a sport of the Ultimate Fighter. I also do not think people ought to sleep on him. He has beaten a couple of big names and who can forget him blowing up James Thompson’s ear with punches. Kimbo has good training experience havign trained with Bas Rutten. The main question about Kimbo for me would have to be his heart. Certainly, he does not care about the chance to win TUF 10 like the others do.

The thing to watch for in his fights is whether or not he can keep a fight standing. He proved to be vulnerable on the ground and his gas tank is more than questionable. However, he certainly has punching power which I believe will earn him one win in the show. I will also be interested at how he interacts in the house with the other cast members. Never has there been such a high profile fighter on the Ultimate Fighter and it almost seems crazy to think that it is nearly inevitable that Kimbo will at least earn one fight in the UFC. Kimbo may not be the msot versatile fighter, but he may shock some people in this thing and that is exactly what the UFC and Spike is hoping for.

SPIKE TV’s – Street Certified –

Kimbo Uncut I

Kimbo Uncut 2

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