The Top Welterweight Prospects for TUF 11

TUF 11 is set to have tryouts on October 26th in LA and here are some of the names we may expect to see on the show. I would bet at least a few of these guys will end up on the show. A few of the guys may get direct invites (Heleno, Villefort, Garcia, Askren and Nelson), while others like Volkmann, MacDonald, McKee, Gunn and Ellenberger are sure to find their way to the big show one way or another.

Delson Heleno
Antonio McKee
Gunnar Nelson
Jim Wallhead
Jacob Volkmann
Ben Askren
Nathan Gunn
Rory MacDonald
Joe Ellenberger
Bryan Travers
Paul Sass
Edgar Garcia
Danillo Vilefort

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3 Responses to The Top Welterweight Prospects for TUF 11

  1. Ian Dean says:

    Sass is a small LW

  2. Jason says:

    Danzig was a small lightweight competiting at welterweing on TUF. Didn’t know if he could make the jump though. Sass is tall if I am not mistaken.

    It doesn’t matter I was wrong about TUF 11. It looks like it will be middlweights and light heavyweights, not welterweights.

    I still think there is a plethora of welterweight talent out there that the UFC could tap into.

  3. Victor Blaer says:

    I’m not sure I would want Gunni on the TUF Show. There’s too much BS/immaturity, that goes on there that seems really unhealthy for anybody. Guys have actually gotten hurt outside of training (ref. glasses being thrown)

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