UFC 104 Winners and Losers


  • Mauricio “Shogun” Rua – Kind of strange that Shogun technically lost the fight with Machida, but he walks away the biggest winer of the night.  He won because he actually won the fight.  He won because he showed that Machida is beatable…very beatable.  He won because he earned an immediate title re-match.  He won because he will be a fan favorite in a re-match.  He won because his stock rose and he proved himself to be a top 3 light heavyweight in the world.  He won because he silenced ant doubters and proved the Shogun of old is back.  The razor close decision may have helped Shogun in the long run more than a win would have.
  •   Chael Sonnen – Sonnen beat a very tough Yushin Okami and perhaps gets himself into the talk of being a top 10 type middleweight. Sonnen looked not only good, but he looked dominant.  By the way I was glad to see the fight shown on the pay per view portion. 
  • Cain Velasquez – How much mroe does Cain need to prove?  He dominated Ben Rothwell.  He is a legit threat to any heavyweight in the world.
  • Joe Stevenson – Joe “Daddy” does look to be re-invented after the switch to Greg Jackson’s MMA.  The knock on Stevenson has always been his failure to evolve his game.  Well, now he shows he is for real and he cna beat anyone. 
  • Pat Barry – I had my doubts about Pat Barry.  I still think he is an undersized heavyweight with very limited ground skills, however he showed great striking skill.  I think he can keep improving.  He can be a fan favorite.  If he learns some ground game and submission defense he could be a contender. 
  • Anthony Johnson – Johnson just earned a chance to fight higher calibur opponents.  I’d love to see Johnson face a Koscheck or Daley.  His hype grow with every performance. 


  • Lyoto Machida – He just gained fan respect after the Rashad fight.  Now he may have lost a bit.  He will not be a favorite in a Shogun re-match and I think some of his mystique was indeed lost.  People will see the Shogun fight as a blueprint on how to beta Machida.
  • Ben Rothwell – He talked a big talk, but in the end Cain dominated him.  I think this may be more of an inicator of how good Cain is than anything else.  Arlovski did not do to Rothwell what Velasquez did.  a bad UFC debut, but he showed heart and he deserves a lesser oppponent to build his stock. 
  • Yushin Okami -The Okami bandwago has departed.  Many people thought Okami deserved a title shot and one could have made an argument for it.  Those talks willbe silenced now.  Okami looked confused by Sonnen and he will have to climb back up the ladder.
  • Yoshiyuki Yoshida – Dude just cannot take a punch.  At least his knockouts are highlight reel material. 
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