The Fix For UFC 106

There is no doubt that UFC 106 will not have the same drawing power it did prior to Lesnar pulling out of the event.  Love him or hate him Brock is a huge draw.  The UFC has a solution and it is to simply bump the Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin fight up to main event status.  The problem is that the fans hate the fight.  I for one am on record as saying if that is the main event I will not order (or even watch on a free stream).

I am sure the UFC would love to fix the broken card, but what is the solution.  The biggest problem is finding a new main event that is worthy and the second thing they need to do is find a fight for fourth billing to replace the Fitch/Almeida fight that was cancelled due to Almeida’s knee injury.  So…what possibilities are there for the main event?

1. Do Some Re-Shuffling – Brock vs. Shane is moved to UFC 108.  The options could be to move Penn vs. Sanchez to UFC 106 and Rashad vs. Thiago Silva  to 107, while still probably needing a main event for 107 if that route is taken.  They could swap the Couture vs. Vera headliner with the Griffin vs. Ortiz headliner, but that won’t happen. 

2. Find two guys worthy of a headliner who can be ready to fight.  Let me throw out some possibilities…

  • Junior Dos Santos or Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Cain Velasquez
  •  Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck or Matt Serra
  • Vitor Belfort vs. Nate Marquardt 
  • Rich Franklin is a good company guy, maybe he would come in and fight someone (personally I think this is a good option, but who would he face? Keith Jardine?) Many of your other typical headliners are off the table (Georges St. Pierre, Chuck Liddell, etc). 
  • They could go with the Cain vs. Carwin fight that was initially scheduled here. 
  • They could re-sign Dan Henderson and make the Marquardt fight work here. 
  • There is a slim chance that Shogun vs. Machida II could happen here if Machida was not too badly hurt. 
  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Wanderlei vs. Belfort

In other words I think Rich Franklin, Vitor Belfort, Keith Jardine, Junior Dos Santos, Nate Marquardt and Matt Hughes ought to receive phone calls.  A match up with any of those guys is better than Tito vs. Forrest II.

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