Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers Winners and Losers

Fedor – It is pretty hard for Fedor’s stock to rise any higher, but he created mroe buzz with his impressive KO victory over Brett Rogers Saturday night. The casual fan will universally see Fedor as the best MMA fighter. The devoted fan gained more respect for the legend. However, the question still has to be why won’t he test himself against better talent? Who is he going to fight? Werdum? Overeem? Lashley? All of those may have some draw, but the real threats to Fedor lie in the UFC. Sorry.

Gegard Mousasi – His win was not as imrpessive as his win over Babalu, but it was a good win on a big stage. Mousasi was the favorite in this fight by a long shot so he did not show that much, but each win does raise his stock in the MMA world. Just like Fedor we have to wonder how many compelling fights there are for Mousasi at light heavyweight outside the UFC? As far as I can tell there is one, maybe two. Ricardo Arona and Dan Henderson. The irony is that neither of them are signed to Strikeforce right now.

Mark Miller and Deray Davis – The bout was scheduled for the event, but was cancelled due to time restraints. I understand the time problem with CBS. However, these guys prepared and trained for this fight. I hope they got paid their salary and win bonus. Also, I hope Strikeforece plans better next time.

Sokoudjou – He proved that PRIDE victories over Ricardo Arona and Rogerio Nogueira were a fluke. He proved that UFC Sokoudjou is the real Sokoudjou, which is not good. He can’t hang with the best and this loss really hurt his career. His problem is not simply talent it is a lack of heart. He quits too much.

Jake Shields – I like Jake Shields and personally I enjoyed the Mayhem Miller fight, however it did not go over well with most people. Most people saw Shields as boring. I think he showed great technique and cardio. I still want to see Shields fight the best at 170 in the UFC. Though Shields won the Strikeforce Middleweight title he probably did not win over many fans. But I am sure he does not care about that because he got the “W”.

Up in the Air

Fabricio Werdum – I know Werdum won his fight against Antonio Silva.  I know a lot of people saw him in action on national television. I know that he may be the next in line for Fedor.  I know Scott Coke said that the Wedum-Fedor fight “makes a lot of sense” but I don’t know that it does.  I mean come on.  Werdum is good, but can he really beat Fedor?  I guess the draw will be a jiu jitsu ace taking a shot at the world’s best, but I don’t care to see that fight.  Werdum did well against Antonio Silva, but many think he lost that fight.  Honestly, I would rather have seen Fedor vs Antonio Silva.  So, Werdum becomes a winner if he gets the Fedor fight, but he really did not do much to improve his stock.

Strikeforce/CBS – I will be curious to see what the final numbers are.  I am sure they are strong, but are they good enough?  It may be sad that Kimbo is a bigger draw than Fedor.  This event was important for Strikeforce.  The network deal could hinge on how CBS views the numbers, especially in the key demographics.  Also, this may cause other networks to consider MMA.

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