Winners and Losers of UFC 105


  • The British Fighters – The British fighters dominated the day at UFC 105.  Six British fighters earned victories at UFC 105.  Dan Hardy may have been the biggest winner of the night as his victory over Mike Swick earned him a title shot against Georges St. Pierre.  Michael Bisping struggled in round one against Dennis Kang, but he recovered nicely with a big win in round 2.  Ross Pearson looked fantastic and showed that he has potential to really climb the lightweight rankings.  Andre Winner destroyed Roli Delgado in what was a highlight reel KO.  Slick Nick Osipczak beat up on Matt Riddle.  Lastly, John Hathaway really looked good against Paul Taylor. 
  • Matt Brown – Brown has been one of the best guys to come out of TUF 7.  He looked fair on the show, but since the show he has looked great.  He only has one loss and that was a controversial loss to Dong Hyun Kim.  He followed that with an impressive crushing of Pete Sell.  Brown handed it to TUF winner James Wilks.  I was impressed with Brown. 
  • Randy Couture – He did not cause jaws to drop, but he showed that even at 46 he can hang with the top 205ers.  I didn’t agree with the decision, but the victory was certainly good for Randy and will create some excitment about a second fight at 205.  Mark Coleman?  Tito Ortiz?  Forrest Griffin? 


Brandon Vera – I personally thought Vera won that fight.  I gave Randy round one and Brandon round 2.   I believe that is clear.  Round 3 I gave it to Vera in large part due to the takedown at the end.  I don’t think vera looked bad, but his inability to create space and work his striking was bad and his stock had to fall some.  However, he may have gained soe quality exposure and a lot of people felt he won that fight.  He will be back.

Mike Swick – Many people seem to think Hardy just was really good Saturday.  I think Swick looked sorry.  He proved he will never be a contender.  He showed no heart.  He could not recover from those big shots of Hardy.  This loss really hurt Swick who had the chance of a lifetime.  He dropped big time in my rankings.

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