Why Fans Should Love Josh Koscheck

There are a lot of things I do not understand.  One of the things I really cannot figure out is the avid fan hatred for Josh Koscheck.  Perhaps some people do not like him because he rubbed some people the wrong way during his time as a cast member of the first season of the Ultimate Fighter.  Perhaps some remember him and Bobby Southworth soaking Chris Leben with a hose or various other incidents.  Perhaps some view Koscheck as cocky.  Perhapms some don’t like that he will go at it verbally with fans.  However, I think Josh Koscheck possesses everything fans should love in a fighter.

There is not a fighter in the UFC who is more willing to step up to the plate than Josh Koscheck.  He is literally willing to fight anyone at anytime.  I honestly believe he would fight 10-12 times a year if he could.  How many times has he stepped in late notice?  Koscheck is always willing to fight.

Koscheck also finishes his fights.  He has only gone to a decision 6 times in his career.  Oh yeah and some of those decisions were to the likes of Georges St. Pierre, Chris Lytle, Thiago Alves, and Diego Sanchez.  My point is that he is not a lay n’ pray wrestler. 

Furthermore, he puts on a show.  He came onto the scene as a wrestler with limited stand up skills.  However, Koscheck has shown to be a serious striker.  He finished Frank Trigg, Dustin Hazelett and Yoshiyuki Yoshida with strikes.  I think Koscheck can stand and bang with anyone in the welterweight division.  He is an exctiing fighter.  Not to mention his improved striking skills, when he goes to the ground he looks to finish with either ground and pound or a submission like we say against Anthony Johnson.  So, Kos is fun to watch love him or hate him. 

Also, he has heart.  There are several times he has overcome adversity in a fight and come back to win.  No fight showed that more than the Anthony Johnson fight.  An illegal knee to the head and a thumb in the eye did not make him quit.  Quiting was never an option. 

He is also charismatic.  I mean, he may not be the nice guy that we see in Georges St. Pierre or Minotauro Nogueira, but he has personality.  He is marketable.  He is a good employee.  He is a good fighter.  He is a warrior. 

Josh Koscheck has all the intangibles to make him a fan favorite.  I honestly do not know why he is not one of the most popular guys out there.  The haters remain.  I know why people love Randy Couture.  I know why people love Georges St. Pierre.  I know why people love Chuck Liddell.  Josh Koscheck fits the mold.  He is an elite fighter who brings it every time he steps into the octagon. 

Fans, stop hating Josh Koscheck and realize that he is exactly what you want in a fighter.  Well, maybe that is not the best option.  Maybe Koscheck himself is fueled by the fan hate.  I am sure he’d like to hear a little more cheers ever so often, but I wonder if the hatin’ is not what motivates Koscheck.  I guess fan opinion does not matter too much.  It may impact him as far as marketing and endorsments are concerned, but regardless of what you think about Koscheck he very well could end up being one of the best ever in the UFC.  In my opinion he is on his way to be a UFC Hall of Famer and I think he is a legit threat to Georges St. Pierre.

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