Wanderlei Silva Plans to KO Bisping

Wanderlei Silva always makes an exciting fight.  At UFC 110 in Fenruary he plans on an exciting fight with British middleweight Michael Bisping.  It is no secret that Silva will look for the knockout.  Here is what the “axe murderer” had to say…

I’m doing a lot of standup because I want to knock him out. He’s a man that likes to fight standup and sometimes he’s a guy afraid to shoot. I’ve been training more boxing, Muay Thai, knees, elbows. I want to make a very interesting show for my friends. Bisping, he’s got a great style. I’m going to try (for the KO) in the second. Going to try in the first, too, sure. Part of fight today is everybody is a strong guy, big guy. You wrap your hands, but it’s still solid. One touch and it’s done. One wrong movement and a guy catches you, it’s done. I like the fight with Michael Bisping though. He’s got a great style. At this moment, I don’t want a fight with (Anderson Silva). He’s the champion. I need to prove myself again inside the Octagon. I need to fight better. After few fights I would feel comfortable, but now, I don’t want a fight with him.

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