Ricardo Arona Could Be Headed to the UFC

I stumbled across an article from Tatame which hints at a Ricardo Arona move to the UFC.  Arona is one of the top light heavyweights, but has been inactive for a while.  He did win at Bitetti Combat 4, but suffered an injury at the event, which he is rehabbing.  It looks like 2010 could see Arona in the UFC.  Here is the translated version, excuse the choppiness of translation:

Considered for years as one of the best 93kg fighters in the world, Ricardo Arona is recovering from knee injury suffered in Bitetti Combat 4. “I’m doing physical therapy, stretching, taking good care of the knee. I hope to be fit until the middle of the year and make a fight in September or October, “said the finalist in the Pride GP. “We have operated on 40 days and the recovery is going very well.”  But those who think that Arona is just taking care of the knee is very wrong. Focused to return in style, the fighter is negotiating his return to MMA, international, and everything points to a debut in the UFC. “I have a stop (negotiations) because of the injury, but some things happened, I was approached by entrepreneurs for projects that will shortly deliver, but I’m sure I’ll be participating in an international event,” he said.
Asked if his next fight would be in the UFC, Arona did not hesitate. “I’m not able to talk about this project, but there is a connection between me and the UFC now, a concrete thing that I had before. My back will be the end of the year and will be in the UFC, “said Arona, exclusively for the TATAME. “I worried about my performance, my knee and my body. I always give my best. I’m already accustomed to big competitions, I want to be prepared, “he added.

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  1. I would like to see Arona back fighting mma. He would do well in the ufc

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