Brock Lesnar Update

Today at 11:15 EST Brock Lesnar and UFC president Dana White appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter to discuss the UFC Heavyweight champions medical condition and UFC future.

Throughout the past few weeks there have been conflicting reports regarding his future. Some reports suggested that his fighting career may be over while others hinted that a return could be eminent. When asked in recent interviews Dana White remained tight lipped and gave no hints about the news. The wait is over.

Lesnar spoke openly and candidly about his condition. He revealed that initially it was believed to be a case of Mono, but then that was proven wrong. Lesnar revealed that he went 11 days without food or water in a hospital and lost 40 pounds. Then doctors discovered a hole in his stomach. The doctors gave him time to heal with medicines and thought that massive surgery would be required. However, Lesnar, White and the doctors described Lesnar’s progress as a “miracle”. Apparently, the hole in his stomach healed.

What’s next for Lesnar? He stated that he would be ready to return to the octagon this summer and would face the winner of the Carwin vs. Mir bout. Dana White added that if neither of them can go this summer that Lesnar would fight the winner of the Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira bout.

This is good news for the UFC as their biggest draw will be back in action this summer. Glad to hear Brock has recovered.

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