Takanori Gomi Insists He Will KO Florian

Takanori Gomi promises he will KO Florian to Kampiro:

I’m preparing well and I will not have problems adapting to the octagon. Mr. Florian is a fighter with good skills, one of the best of its kind in the UFC. It is a good opponent for a good start. I make a good fight for the public and start a successful outcome. Today, all MMA practitioners know how to fight a little of everything. I know he is a dangerous fighter with a good game on the floor… [I will win] By knockout in the 1st round! Since I entered the UFC, always made clear that the belt is my goal. I will get this title for the Japanese, its what we all want… [BJ Penn] is a tremendous fighter. But I know my ability and I know I’m the right person to cause problems him in the UFC. I am patient and will wait for my chance.

Gomi is slated to fight Kenny Florian in the main event spot of UFC Fight Night 21 on March 31.  Should be a great match-up.

I like hearing the passion back in Gomi’s voice, but he talks a big game.  He has not looked impressive since the close of PRIDE and I would think Florian might be too well rounded for him.  I am all for Gomi turning things around, but the truth is he will have his hands full with Florian.

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