Mark Coleman Still Wants To Fight Tito Ortiz

UFC Hall of Famer Mark “The Hammer” Coleman was scheduled to fight Tito Ortiz at UFC 106 in November, however a knee injury forced him out of the bout.  Tito Ortiz quickly responded by calling Coleman a “sissy.”  Following that incident Coleman’s manger, Mike DiSabato exchanged insults with Ortiz.  The war of words has set up a potential serious grudge match.  Coleman spoke to MMAWeekly about a potential fight down the road with Ortiz:

Tito Ortiz, I do think he’s a douche bag, and I do hope to get to fight him someday. He wants to call me a sissy, if he really thinks I’m a damn sissy, I’ll tell you what, I’ll be ready to fight him. I’ll be ready to go when I’m 60 years old if he wants a piece of me. I’ll be waiting if he wants to go. Tito, that would definitely be a rival type situation …there will be some bad blood involved with that fight. Especially if he’s serious, I doubt that he is serious, but maybe he is serious. Maybe he does think I’m a sissy. If that’s the case all he’s got to do, he’s got a little bit of power, so if he wants this fight to happen, if Tito really wants a piece of me, I’ll be ready to go. Like I said, I’ll be waiting when I’m 60 years old. We can fight in the streets or we can fight in a cage, I don’t care.

A Coleman vs. Ortiz match would be fun to watch as neither of them hesitate to speak their minds.  However, Coleman must first face Randy Couture at UFC 109 on February 9.  Meanwhile, Tito Ortiz is currently filming as a coach on the Ultimate Fighter 11 opposite Chuck Liddell.  “The Hunting Beach bad Boy” is then scheduled to fight Liddell for a third time in June at UFC 115.  Perhaps when all that gets squared away we could see Ortiz vs. Coleman.

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