Several Fighters Cut Following UFC 109

Mark Coleman – Perhaps the most surprising cut.  His long term value to the company was minimal, but he did put in  a lot of years with the organization and perhaps deserved the Stephan Bonnar treatment.  Heck, Mustapha Al Turk was given more of a chance than Coleman.

Frank Trigg – No shock. He has looked bad in both appearances in his UFC return.  Retirement is very likely for “Twinkle Toes”

Rolles Gracie – This one is a little surprising.  Rolles look very bad in his UFC debut, but I thought he may get one more chance.  I don’t think it is acceptable to come into the UFC and put on such a poor show.

Tim Hague – – He went 1-2.  He lost to Todd Duffee in 8 second.  Then he lost a controversial split decision to Chris Tucsherer.  He may be back one day.

Philippe Nover – Dubbed “the next Anderson Silva” during his stint in the Ultimate Fighter, Nover has stunk it up inside the octagon.  He hasn’t won a fight.  Back to the regional fights and his job as a nurse.

Justin Buchholz – The Urijah Faber trained kid just isn’t at UFC level now.  He comes to fight, but he is nothing more than a guy that you feed people to right now.  He has real potential, but he needs time to develop.

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