James Toney Signs With UFC

Five Ounces of Pain is Reporting that former world boxing champion James “Light’s Out” Toney has signed a deal with the UFC.  Dana White has since confirmed that the deal is done, but said that he was not sure of debut date

The boxer had been seen many times at UFC events and had stated numerous times publicly that he wanted in the UFC.  It looks like he finally got a favorable offer and will join the elite MMA promotion.

No word is out on his first opponent or a debuting date, but I would not be shocked to see Toney fight on April 17th on Spike.  However, Toney would be a HUGE pay per view draw.  Toney recently stated that the UFC offer was “chump change”.  I guess he changed his mind.

Toney has also called out UFC biggest stars including Randy Couture, Kimbo Slice, Chuck Liddell and Brock Lesnar.  It will be interesting for fans of both sports to see how a great professional boxer can do against MMA’s best.  How will Toney do with takedown defenense and his ground game?  What impact will the small gloves have?  Toney is a powerful man!  I think the real impact will be in boxing fans coming over to the sport of MMA.  MMA is addicting.  Some boxing fans won’t watch, but some will be drawn in by Toney.

Many fans are upset with the signing and equate it with Strikeforce’s signing of Herschel Walker, but I disagree.  I think it is a brilliant business move that will pay great dividends.  Toney will be a mega ratings draw in the mold of Lesnar, Slice and Liddell.  Also, Toney had a fantastic boxing career.  He was one of boxing’s elite.  Toney boasted a professional boxing record of 73-6-2 and having won titles in six different weight classes ranging from middleweight to heavyweight.

Very interesting.  More as it unfolds…stay tuned.

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