TUF 11 Fighters Preview: Kris McCray

Name: Kris McCray
Nickname: Savage
Record: 5-0
Age: 28
Trains: Woodbridge, VA

McCray has a lot of hype behind him.  Many people think he is a future star in the sport and many people are picking him to be the winner this season.  McCray is 5-0 in his career and not one of his fights has left the first round.

Many prospects lists feature McCray as one of the fast rising prospects in the sport.  I would be shocked if McCray does not have a good showing in the show.  Whether he wins or not I believe that McCray has a future in the UFC and will be very successful.

Fans should be aware that Kris is very new to the sport.  He made his professional debut in late 2008.  His inexperience could play against him, but his raw talent should carry him some of the way.  Several inexperienced fighters have done well in TUF.

Prediction: Finalist

McCray’s Last 5 Fights

Date Opponent Event Result
11/4/09 Marcus Ajian BB 1 Win (Shoulder Lock in  Rd. 1)
10/3/09 Igor Almeida UWC 7 Win (TKO in Rd. 1)
4/25/09 Ronnie West UWC 6 Win (RNC in Rd. 1)
2/21/09 Manny Okorie UWC 5 Win (RNC in Rd. 1)
10/11/08 Joey Kirwan UWC 4 Win (RNC in Rd. 1)
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