The Winners and Losers of UFC 111

Shane Carwin
Shane Carwin was the biggest winner of the night. He not only saved UFC 111, but he dropped jaws. He walked through Frank Mir like it was nothing. Quite honestly he had an easier time with Mir than Lesnar did. I know that the buy rate of a Mir vs. Lesnar 3 fight would be huge, but I cannot wait to see the Lesnar vs. Carwin fight. Carwin in the number one contender. He is a serious threat to Lesnar. It will be a real good guy vs. bad guy fight. Carwin is a man among men. Oh, by the way the $65,000 KO of the night bonus did not hurt him.
Kurt Pellegrino
He had a tough time initially with a very game Fabricio Camoes, but in the end Pellegrino looked very impressive. Pellegrino is a little strange, but he is a better fighter now than he ever has been. He is now among the elite lightweights.
Nate Diaz
I know that in an interview Diaz said he was going back to lightweight, but if Diaz has good friends and advisers they will advise him to stay at 170. He looked very, very good. He looked like he could challenge the best of the best in that weight class. Diaz really impressed me at UFC 111. 170 is a good fit for him.
Ricardo Almeida
I thought Almeida looked good at 170. While he said the weight cut was tough and Rogan mentioned that he looked drawn out I thought he looked great. Almeida put on a relentless pace and was just too good on the ground for Matt Brown. Almeida cemented his spot at 170 as well.

Frank Mir
Mir isn’t just here because he lost a fight, but for two reasons. First, he got dominated. All the talk about how he was bigegr and stronger now and how he can handle a Lesnaresque fighter is out the window. Mir is a good fighter, but he cannot do anything with a guy of the Lesnar/Carwin build. Secondly, he doesn’t get Lesnar now. Lesnar is the fight he wanted. He was eating, drinking and breathing Lesnar while preparing for Carwin. Ooops. It’s back to the drawing board for Mir.

Rousimar Palhares

Palhares looked good in his fight and is a real threat at 185 lbs. However, his holding onto that heel hook was bad for his career. He won the fight, but he lost fans. He is in danger of being known as a dirty fighter. Add onto that the 90 suspension he received and the fact that it may have put him on the UFC’s bad side it turned out to be a bad night for Rousimar. The UFC cut Babalu for less. Let me say, I don’t think he meant any ill will towards Drwal. I think he either didn;t feel the tap or was just caught up in the moment waiting for the ref to stop it. I don’t see him as a dirty fighter.

Rory Markham
After a long lay off Markham looked horrible. I can’t see the UFC keeping him. He cannot compete with the best in the UFC. He looked really bad against Diaz.

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