What’s Next For UFC 111 Competitors?

Georges St. Pierre – The challengers are few and far between. It looks like he will get the winner of the Daley vs. Koscheck fight next. Also, rumor has it that he may coach the Ultimate Fighter 12 opposite the Daley/Koscheck winner. Also, don’t rule out Jake Shields as a challenger to St. Pierre. I know he is still tied to Strikeforce, but his last fight is April 17th and he has made clear his desire to be in the UFC.

Dan Hardy
– Dan Hardy showed serious holes in his game, but I think he gained fans with his heart. Once he has time to recover I think there are several good fights for Hardy out there. I think Ben Saunders or Jake Ellenberger are good options for Hardy. I would love to see Hardy vs. Alves in the future as well.

Shane Carwin – No secrets here. Next for Carwin is a date with Brock Lesnar for the heavyweight title on July 3rd at UFC 116.

Frank Mir – I see two great options for Mir. One is a re-match with Nogueira. That is very possible. However, what stinks about it is that the loser of that fight will have two losses in a row. The second option is Junior Dos Santos. That is very possible, but I don’t know if Mir likes the idea of being a stepping stone. Both would be tough fights for Mir.I am also not opposed to Mir vs. Toney. What do you think of that?

Jon Fitch – He won’t get the next crack at St. Pierre, but there are good fights out there for Fitch. The Alves fight is still possible pending Alves’ health. That is a very likely fight. I like a Fitch vs. Serra match-up myself.

Ben Saunders – Lesser competition. The Elllenberger fight was compelling. Matt Brown maybe?

Kurt Pellegrino – He needs to fight top tiered guys. Pellegrino is 8-3 in the UFC and has won 4 in a row now. I have to say there are two fights that really interest me for “Batman” and they are Clay Guida and Jim Miller. They are on a similar level and have a similar skill set. Whoever won that fight would be ushered into the top 10 no doubt. Make it happen.

Fabricio Camoes
– I hope he gets another fight in the UFC, but I am not certain than an 0-1-1 record is good enough to stay. His job is in danger, but if he gets another shot, how about a lower level guy like Darren Elkins?

Jim Miller – 6-1 in the UFC. How about Joe “Daddy” Stevenson? Clay Guida? or Kurt Pellegrino? I think that we see a combo of those guys squaring off.

Mark Bocek – He impressed against Jim Miller. He showed he can compete with the best and nearly won that fight. How about Joe Lauzon for Bocek? Maybe a guy like Cole Miller?

Nate Diaz – I hope he stays at 170. If so, I like a fight with Ricardo Almeida. Wow. I am a good matchmaker.

Rory Markham – Walking papers.

Ricardo Almeida – See Nate Diaz.

Matt Brown – A lot of compelling fights still for Brown. Saunders. Swick. Ellenberger.

Jared Hamman – He has a lot of work to do, but how about a fight with James Te Huna?

Rodney Wallace – A regional promotion

Rousimar Palhares – 90 day suspension. I like an Alessio Sakara match. C.B. Dolloway? It’d be a bad style match for C.B. Ed Hermann would be exciting if he was healthy.

Tomasz Drwal –  Probably an extended time off thanks to Palhares’ heel hook.  I think Sakara is a good fight for him too.  Maybe Goran Reljic.

Matt Riddle – I wouldn’t mind seeing Riddle face another tough wrestler or grinder like Brian Foster or Mike Pierce.

Greg Soto – He was one of my top welterweight prospects.  I think he still has potential.  I think he is a guy you want to keep around and maybe feed someone to him.  Perhaps a UFC newcomer.

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