Anderson Silva Thoughts

I believe Anderson Silva is the most talented fighter in the world.  He is brilliant int he cage.  He showed flashes of it against Demian Maia.  I wasn’t crazy about all the antics in the first two rounds, but it was enjoyable to watch.  However, by rounds 3,4, and 5 he made a fool of himself. Anderson Silva has no excuse.  He could have finished that fight at any time.

I have to wonder what Dana White said to him afterward.  He was madder than a hornet and rightly so.  The disrespect that Silva showed was a poor representation of the sport.  See things from Dana White’s shoes…He works his butt off to bring the UFC to a new venue…the Middle East.  Abu Dahbi spent money building a outdoor arena specifically for this event.  The UFC spent money marketing the event.  The UFC worked hard to put ona  special card there featuring 3 marquee fights.  A new audience, a new venue, a worldwide viewership, media from all over the world coming to an event for the first time.  Then add on to that Dana White’s staunch defense and promotion of Anderson Silva as the best there is in the world.  Then Anderson Silva acts like a fool and does not fight.

Someone tell me what is the difference between Silva and Kalib Starnes?  I really think Silva joined the ranks of the UFC bad boys.  I think he will have the fan ire that Ortiz, Hughes, Lesnar and others have now.  His antics, especially in later roundsa were unacceptable.

Furthermore, I don’t buy his excuses.  Ed Soraes says that he couldn’t fins his range.  Bull crap.  he could have finished that fight at any time.  He says Maia disrespected him.  Anderson, what do you expect guys to say in pre-fight interviews?  Maia wasn’t a crazy trash talker a la Chael Sonnen.  He came across as confident, what do you expect?  If I was a betting man there is a deeper problem…maybe a rift with UFC brass.

Whatever the case may be I think that Silva owed to his fans to perform.  He gained nothing by acting the way he did.  No one learned a lesson from him.  Hundreds thousands of people paid to see that.  Fine, he was ticked at Maia…why not destroy him and make a statement?  Silva trained for  months to do what he did.  He disrespected his training camp, the UFC, Dana White, his manager (who has to lie to defend him), his fans and his opponent.  I think he was a horrible representative of the sport and I hope that new viewers do no think this is what the sport is like.

What should be done?  The UFC could cancel his contract, but that is not likely…yet.   If I was Dana White that would be an option.  He could fight at 205 and heavyweight  or take the fight with Vitor.  He could fight on that free card in Afghanistan.  I think he owes fans big time.  I hope that the MMA world takes a stand against Silva’s antics.  I’d love to see his long time training partners like the Nogueira and Machida part ways from him or at least distance themselves from him.  Silva needs to see he cannot disrespect the sport like that.

In the end I hope someone pounds him into humility.  Whether it be Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, Frank Mir, or someone else.  I hope he gets it handed to him.

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