UFC 112 Thoughts

Let me begin by saying that as a viewer from home I was super impressed with the crowd at Abu Dahbi.  They were loud and seemed to be informed.  It was a huge moment for the UFC to hold an event in the middle east.  From all that I heard the venue was great.

  • I was disappointed with the event as a whole.  I had several guys watching with me who were UFC virgins and they hated it.  There were people in my living room falling asleep…literally.  On paper it was a sick card, but it just did not pan out.  I wish they would have aired the uncercard instead.
  • The undercard may have had the best action of all.  DeMarques Johnson notched another comeback victory over Brad Blackburn and scored a KO of the night bonus, Paul Kelly bounced back with a win over Matt Veach and Jon Madsen and Rick Story took home decision victories.
  • Phil Davis continues his ascent with a win over Alexander Gustaffason.  Davis looks like a really solid prospect and is someone that I really believe will be around for a long time int he UFC, seems like a good kid too.
  • I thought the Grove vs. Munoz fight was great.  Kendall Grove had Munoz in trouble several times in round one, but Munoz showed incredible heart.  The commentators are correct that Mark Munoz has some serious ground and pound.  I think he is a serious force in that division.  A win over Kendall Grove is a big deal for Munoz and he is now inside my top 20 of UFC middleweights.
  • I also thought the Dos Anjos vs. Etim fight was good.  Etim looked pretty good, but Dos Anjos’ jiu jitsu looked great.  I don’t no if Dos Anjos has the upside of Etim, but he always brings it.
  • The Hughes vs. Gracie fight was not what I expected.  I expected a grappling match, which is what I wanted to see.  I didn’t want to see two below average strikers go at it.  Their technique was sub-par.  Hughes did a good job landing those leg kicks and Gracie did not have the cardio.  That fight was a disappointment, but Hughes notched a win and stays relevant.
  • The Penn vs. Edgar fight was okay.  Penn did not look great.  Edgar looked better than ever.  With that said, I still think Penn won that fight.  He landed his jab over and over.  Congrats to Edgar, but Penn was not the Penn of old.  I don’t get his strategy.  I’d like to see a re-match, but maybe there is not the desire for it right now.  Edgar vs. Maynard?  I think what I have a hard time with now is rankings.  Is Edgar number one in the world?  I doubt it.  Does Penn lose his number one ranking because of a questionable decision loss?  Not in my opinion.  Does Aoki become number one in the world de facto?  I don’t think so, but he will be on some rankings.  The lightweight division is now a mess.
  • Anderson Silva defeated Demian Mai, but he lost.  I lost all respect for Silva.  I will post on this later, but I do not see how Silva is different from Kalib Starnes.  He deserves the fan hatred that Lesnar, Ortiz and other bad boys get X2.  I’ve never seen a champion boo’d like Silva was.  The Abu Dahbi crowd cheered for the guy getting beat.  Silva is a jackass that’s all there is to it.  He is a spoiled brat who acted like a baby.  He went from one of the guys I love to watch to the least marketable champion ever.  He disrespected the fans.  He disrespected his training partners.  He disrespected Dana White and the UFC.  He disrespected the sport of MMA.  He disrespected Abu Dahbi.  I hope he gets it handed to him soon.  Enter Vitor Belfort.  Enter Chael Sonnen.  Enter Brock Lesnar.  Whoever it takes….teach the spider a lesson.
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