Potential UFC Flyweight Division

Dana White indicated that the UFC would start a flyweight division “sooner than you think”. I am not exactly sure what that means, but I wonder who could make up a 125 lb. division. I think we would certainly see several UFC bantamweights drop down. Joseph Benavidez and Demetrius Johnson have both stated that they would fight at flyweight if the division existed. I would expect one of them to have a good chance at ruling the division. We could see other guys like Charlie Valencia drop down and have an impact. However, what guys outside the UFC would they want to make a run at.

1. Jussier da Silva – (9-0) – Silva is widely con sidered to be the world’s best flyweight. He recently signed with Tachi Palace fights and may be locked up there for a few more fights, but any flyweight division without Silva would be lacking. I would not be shocked if the UFC waited until they could lock up Silva to start the division around him.

2. Rambaa “M-16” Somdet – (8-2) – Somdet is a Thailand native who is also a top tiered flyweight in the world. Somdet can even fight at 115 lbs. Silva may be priority number one, but Somdet would be priority 2.

3. Pat Runez – (4-0) – Trains at Arizona Combat Sports. He holds win over John Dodson and is viewed as one of the top prospects in the division. I’d be shocked if Dodson was not part of the beginnings of a flyweight division in the UFC.

4. Alexis Vila – (8-0) – Vila is a two time world champion wrestler and brought home a bronze medal to Cuba in the 1996 Olympics. Vila now trains at the American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida. At nearly 40 years old it is unlikely that Vila would be a long term impact fighter. Also, Vila has not fought for more than a year.

5. John Dodson – (10-5) – Dodson is a Greg Jackson trained fighter who is better than his record indicates.

6. Ulysses Gomez – (7-1) – Gomez may be locked up with Bellator right now, but he is a guy to keep an eye on. He trains at Marc Laimon’s Cobra Kai. Gomez is very talented and is well suited for the flyweight division. He is only 27 years old so he has several years ahead of him.

7. Mamoru Yamaguchi – (24-5-1) – Keep an eye on this guy. The former Shooto champion has competed recently in King of the Cage. I think he would be a solid addition to any flyweight roster. He also has a fantastic afro.

8. Chad Robichaux – (11-0) – He is a 135 lb fighter who could make 125 lbs. He recently competed in Strikforce, but I expect if the UFC wants him they could get him.

9. Kevin Belingon – (8-0) – The Filipino fighter has great potential to be the face of the flyweight division. I know for a fact that the UFC has inquired about him fighting in their bantamweight division. Belingon is a Wushu fighter who has solid submission skills. I look for Belingon to be signed to the UFC soon either at 135 lbs or 125 lbs.

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