Sibling MMA Fighters

Perhaps fighting is in the blood.  I don’t know if there is something genetic about an ability to fight or if it has something more to do with upbringing.  It certainly seems like the sport of mixed martial arts has its share of fighting families.  Certainly when you think of fighting families the first name that comes to mind is “Gracie”.  There are a host of Gracies who are involved in the sport of mixed martial arts.  That family is by far the first family of the sport.  However, there are currently many more fighting families.  There is a popular father son duo in Randy and Ryan Couture.  There are some husband and wife combinations, most notable of which is Cris “Cyborg” Santos and her husband Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos.  We will take a look at some sibling combinations of fighters.

1. Nogueiras – The twin Nogueira brohters have both attained great success in mixed martial arts.  Both brothers are still top ten ranked fighters in their respective divisions.  Minotauro has been a PRIDE and UFC champion.  Minotoro has always been a threat to opponents.  Both have displayed incredible toughness in the cage.

2. Emelianenkos – This brother combination is made most famous by Fedor Emelianenko.  However, his brother Aleksander is also a good fighter.  Aleks has not been active as of late and questions have swirled regarding the possibility of him having Hepatitis B.  However, both are elite fighters.

3. Diazs – Nick and Nate Diaz are the bad boys of the sport on many ways.  Nick and Nate have a Stockton, CA pride and toughness about them that is unmatched.

4. Ruas – Mauricio Rua uis the current UFC light heavyweight champion.  His brother Murilo is a solid middleweight and PRIDE veteran who has been around a long time.  Watch out for a third brother who is making his way into the sport.

5. Overeems – Alistair Overeem is well known by fans, but his brother Valentijin is also a formidable fighter.  Both will be competing in the upcoming Strikeforce Heavyweight grand prix.  Perhaps they will fight each other.

6. Shamrocks – Frank and Ken are both legends in the sport and perhaps are some of the most successful brothers ever.  It would be hard to pass their success in the sport.

7. The Millers (Jim & Dan) – Jim and Dan Miller are another one of the brother combination fighting in the UFC at the same time.  Dan has found some success at middleweight while Jim is a top tiered contender in the UFC lightweight division.

8. Miller (Cole & Micah) – Cole and Micah Miller are both Zuffa veterans.  Cole remains on the UFC roster while Micah Miller tries to establish himself at 145 lbs.

9. Lauzons – Joe and Dan Lauzon have competed together in the UFC.  Joe is by far the more successful fighter, but Dan is also a solid fighter who is still young in the sport.  These Boston boys are tough as nails.

10. Assuncaos – The trio of Assuncaos are perhaps a bit underrated.  Raphael fights for the UFC now, Junior is a UFC castoff and brother Freddy is just getting started.

Others: Alvarez brothers, Guidas (Clay & Jason), Evans (Rashad and Lance), Limas (Doug & Dhiego), Freire (Patricio & Patricky), Serras (Matt & Nick), Hughes (Matt & Mark), Njokuanis (Anthony & Chidi), Machidas (Lyoto & Chinzo)

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