UFC 129 Sells 55,000 Tickets…What’s the Impact?

We know that the UFC’s debut in Ontario would be huge.  Dana White had predicted it would break North American records.  He was absolutely correct.  It did not take long for UFC 129 tickets to sell out.  In fact, UFC 129 sold 55,000 tickets which will equate a $10 million live gate.  If that does not impress you, the previous record was held by UFC 66 which boasted a $5.4 million gateUFC 129’s numbers are by far the largest sales of any North American mixed martial arts event and it is unlikey that number will be matched for a while.  Certainly, when New York becomes sanctioned the UFC will push for a huge sale there.  The anticipated St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva card could come close to that number, but it will be hard to beat that number.

The numbers indicate a few thigns to us.  First, Georges St. Pierre is a huge worldwide star.  Dana White has stated that worldwide St. Pierre is the UFC’s biggest star.  I believe it.  Brock Lesnar may be huge, but he is not internationally as big as St. Pierre.  This is a great opportunity for Jake Shields too.  Not to mention it is a great opportunity for other guys on the card such as Jose Aldo to reach stardom behind a huge crowd.

It also shows that MMA is still growing in its popularity.  It would blow my mind if New York state does not see what is taking place and Toronto and see dollar signs.  Could you image how big a UFC event in Madison Square Garden could be?

Also, it shows UFC is still king.  A lot of people have hailed Strikeforce as a competition to the UFC.  I believe Strikeforce in the number 2 promotion right now, but there isn’t much competition.  The UFC brand sells well.

This a great time for UFC fans and I am sure UFC president Dana White and gang were more than pleased with their numbers.

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