5 Most Hated Fighters in the UFC

Who is the most hated fighter on the UFC roster? There are a lot of guys who have been intentional about playing the bad boy role. Some of them have done quite well with that persona. I am sure some guys that have a large group of haters are not as big of jerks as they come across, but I have to believe that some of the guys on our most hated list are real jerks. The odd thing is that while many of the guys who are hated bya lot of the fans also have a large group of fans. Many of them are big draws. Perhaps some people tune in to watch their most hated fighter get beat up. The one warning to any fighter wishing to be a “bad boy”: The “bad boy” persona does not work well if you cannot back it up to some extent.

1. Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar is the most hated guy in the UFC, but he is also one of the most popular. He is the biggest draw right now. His antics following his victories over Heath Herring and even more over Frank Mir caused him to be hated by fans. The martial arts purists who value the sportsmanship and discipline of the martial arts cannot stand Lesnar. There are many that don’t like him because of his WWE background. Perhaps some don’t like him because they feel he is not a real martial artists (whatever that means). Some are jealous of his success. It is true that if you have success people will hate you. However, the casual fan love him. He is obnoxious. He talks trash. However, for the most part Lesnar backs it up. I imagine it woulld be difficult to surpass Lesnar as the most hated in the UFC.
2. Michael Bisping
Bisping is steadily climbing this list. He is not very liked right now. His behavior following his victory over Jorge Rivera at UFC 127 moved him up a spot or two. However, this is nothing new with Bisping. He talks trash. He has attitude. He thinks he is the best. While a lot fo fans worldwide dislike Bisping, he also has quite the fanbase, especially in the U.K. By the way, it is no coincidence that every fighter int he UFC wants to fight Bisping. He is easy to hate.
3. Chael Sonnen
Sonnen has established himself as the best trash talker in the sport. Some of his lines are classic. He really burst onto this list with his continual trash talk of Anderson Silva. Most people feel Sonnen backed up his talk despite his loss. Sonnen isn’t quite as polarizing as Lesnar or Bisping, but be sure of this: Sonnen has his share of haters.
4. Tito Ortiz
Perhaps others would rank Ortiz higher. He is the original bad boy. No one sits on the fence with him either. Either you love him or you hate him and many hate him. Fans tune in to watch him fight. He still is talking all sorts of trash like he is an elite fighter. However, he is largely irrelevant in the cage now. His feud with UFC president Dana White didn’t help his stock either. He never enters a fight without hitting below the belt at some point. Don’t get me wrong Ortiz is the original and founding member of the “hated UFC fighter club”. People still hate Ortiz with a passion, but a lot of folks love him too and I have no idea why.
5. Josh Koscheck
I think Koscheck has tried through his career not to be the bad boy, but he just cannot help it. He became the ultimate heel against Georges St. Pierre. He insulted thousands of Canadians following his win over Paul Daley. He trash talked St. Pierre all through his coaching stint on the Ultimate Fighter. He was booed like crazy in his title fight….and he loved it. Koscheck is no act though. He is what he is. He showed that when he was a cast member on the Ultimate Fighter.

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