Fighters on the UFC Radar At Superior Challenge 7

On November 5 the UFC will head to Sweden to host a live event.  The event is likely to be a fight night event.  The proposed event will be the first UFC card in a Scandinavian country.  The UFC always tries to get a few fighters from the country where their event takes places.  Currently the UFC does have one Swedish fisghter on their roster in Alexander Gustafsson.  However, there are several other talented Swedish prospects which the UFC could pick up.

On April 30 in Sweden Superior Challenge 7: Rise of Champions will take place.  It is very likely that on that card there will be 2 or 3 fighters who will earn a roster invitation to fight in UFC in Sweden.  I would be shocked if Superior Challenge 7 was not watched closely by Joe Silva to see what guys may get a UFC shot.

Papy Abedi – (8-0) – He is not only the best Swedish middleweight prospect, he very well may be the world’s best middleweight prospect.  I know the UFC has talked with Abedi at one point.  It looks like he will want one more win under his belt.  I would be shocked if we do not see Abedi fight in the UFC in Sweden.

Reza Madadi – (10-2) – He is the second most likely Swedish fighter to end up in the UFC.  He is currently on a 5 fight win streak which includes wins over Junie Browning and Carlo Prater.  Reza is widely considered the region’s most exciting fighter.  Madadi will fight at Superior Challenge 7 for their lightweight title and if he wins there expect to see him in UFC in November.

Assan Njie – (13-2) – I think there is a good chance that Njie heads to the UFC as well.  He recently defeated UFC veteran Sean Salmon.  If he shows impressively at Superior Challenge he could get a shot as well.

Magnus Cedenblad – (8-3) – Magnus has a 5-fight win streak which helps his case.  A win here at Superior Challenge may not get him in the UFC, but it may get him on their radar.

Tor Troeng (13-4-1) – Troeng is a distant 3rd best middleweight in Sweden.  Troeng has a good record, but lost his last fight to Thales Leites at Superior Challenge 6.  I don’t expect him in the UFC in 2011.  Maybe 2012.

Diego Gonzalez – (13-4) – Don’t hold your breath for Gonzalez.  He is fighting for the Superior Challenge welterweight title and could very well win it against Daniel Acacio, however he needs to tring together a few wins.

Also, watch for Bruno Carvalho who trains in Sweden though he is Brazilian.  Joachim Hansen is from neighboring Norway and he could be sought after, but he has been highly critical of UFC in the past.  UFC veterans David Bielkheden and Per Eklund could be on the radar as well.

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