10 Possible Opponents For Royce Gracie in Rio

10. Pat Miletich – He couldn’t beat Hughes, but maybe he could beat his teacher. Miletich seems to be back in good graces with the UFC…don’t count on this one though.
9. Matt Hughes – I think this is a possible opponent, but who wants to see the re-match?
8. Shinya Aoki – This won’t happen because Aoki is still with DREAM. He will fight in May there, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this fight.
7. Dave Menne – Not the most exciting fight.
6. Dennis Hallman – Hallman has a good resume, this could happen.
5. Carlos Newton – I like this match-up too.
4. B.J. Penn – This is the match I like best right now. I wouldn’t mind seeing B.J. vs. Renzo either. Not sure Penn will be healed up from his injury by then.
3. Jose Landi-Jons – Don’t write this one off folks.
2. Kazushi Sakuraba Could the rubber match happen? I doubt it, but maybe.
1. Matt Serra – This is most likely in my opinion. Serra is not incredibly competitive with the elites in the division, but he could really give Royce problems.

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