Flyweights For the UFC to Sign

Dana White mentioned at UFC 131 that the UFC would soon add theflyweight division.  We have certainly heard rumblings of this for a while, however it seems to be close to a reality.  The UFC will apparently soon start signing flyweight fighters.  Unfourtanatley, many of the world’s best flyweights are unknown to the fans because not many promotions host that weight class.  Currently, many of the best flyweights fight for Tachi Palace Fighting.  However, there are some current UFC bantamweights who would likely make the drop down a weight class.  Most notable of the current UFC fighters suited for the flyweight division are Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson.  Those guys would be the likely contenders for a title.  In order to establish a division the UFC would need to pick up several of the world’s best flyweight fighters.  In my opinion, here are the guys the UFC should look at…

1. Ian McCall – McCall is scheduled to fight in August at Tachi Palace against Darrell Montague.  I would be shocked if McCall wins that fight he is not one of the first flyweights called by the UFC.  He has been very vocal about wanting a shot in the UFC, and he may be the world’s top flyweight.

2. Jussier da Silva – He was for a long time considered the world’s best flyweight.  He is still one of the best.  He also has a tough fight in August at Tachi against Mamoru Yamaguchi.  I believe that signing Jussier would be a must if he wins this fight. 

3. John Dodson – Dodson has a ton of expiericne.  Do not let his record deceive you, many of his losses came when he fought above his natural weight class.  Dodson has been linked to TUF 14, so that could spell a natural entry into the flyweight division.

4. Mamoru Yamaguchi – He may be one of my favorites on this list. The KOTC champion is a very good all around fighter and could make an argument for being the best flyweight in the world.  He will try to make that case in August against Jussier da Silva. 

5. Darrell Montague – Montague beat Ulysses Gomez in February.  He will look to beat McCall in August.  As I said above, the winner of that fight would have to be a lock to fight in the UFC flyweight divison if their contract with Tachi would allow it. 

6. Ulysses Gomez – He is also on Tachi’s August card.  Gomez could be a neccessary cog to the start of the flyweight division in the UFC. 

7. Pat Runez – Runez has been out of competition for a while, but he is 4-0 and has a win over John Dodson.  I would love to see Runez in the inagural flyweight division. 

8. Louis Gauidnot  – He is a solid prospect who has also been rumored for TUF 14.  He is a flyweight though.  He could be an impact guy in the division.

9.  Rambaa Somdet – Rambaa may be even too small for the flyweight division, but if the UFC could get Somdet it would be a great addition.  He has held a title in Shooto and could be a legit force. 

10. Alexandre Pantoja – the Nova Uniao trained fighter is very well roudned and could be a good prospect.  He is not the best right now, but he has potential. 

Also, it will be interesting to see what olympic champion Henry Cejudo does.  He could fight in MMA, but he doesn’t appear too eager.  He would be a force based on his wrestling alone.  Also, many consider Japanese fighter Yasuhiro Usushitani one of the top flyweights in the world, but I think it would be hard to pray him from Japan.

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