UFC 134 in Hindsight

– Anderson Silva solidified himself as the best ever.  He made Okami look bad… And he isn’t. 
– Shogun was impressive.  He longer quick and crisp.  My guess is that he could fight on Fox perhaps against Dan Henderson.
– How many times does it take Forrest Griffin to tap to strikes before people stop talking about how tough he is?
– I did not respect Nogueira to best Schaub.  I was elated to see him win.  Could Nogueira be healthy and really make a run?
– I thought Pearson looked good in his loss to Barboza.  In fact, he may have won. 
– I still like Barboza.  I think he has great stand up.  Curious about his ground game.
– Palhares is a beast. 
– I am really high on Erick Silva.  That kid could be a star.
– The crowd was nuts. Never heard anything like it.
– The pay per view broadcast missed Joe Rogan.  Florian is solid, but Rogan is the best in the business.

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