A Way to Inject Life Into the UFC Light Heavyweight Division

The UFC light heavyweight division has long been one of the most exciting.  Many of the biggest stars have been in this division. Chuck Liddell. Randy Couture. Tito Ortiz. Forrest Griffin. Shogun Rua. Rashad Evans. Rampage Jackson. Lyoto Machida.  Presently, Liddell and Couture are retired. Ortiz and Griffin will never contend for a title.  In my opinion the light heavyweight division needs new life.

Jon Jones appears to be new life.  He is young, charismatic and really good.  The UFC has a few potential top guys in Phil Davis and Alexander Gustaffson.  However, I believe that the best idea is a super division.  I also believe that many exciting fights can emerge by absorbing Strikeforce’s light heavyweight division.  It already seems likely that the Strikeforce champion, Dan Henderson is headed to UFC.  However can you imagine adding solid fighters like Gegard Mousasi, King Mo Lawal, Babalu Sobral, Rafael Feijao and Roger Gracie? 

While that is exciting I believe Strikeforce also has some prospects who have bright futures.  My suggestion would be to put stock on guys like Yoel Romero, Marcos Rogerio de Lima, Ovince St. Preux, Lorenz Larkin, Guto Inocente and even Joe Cason.  Fresh faces with upside brings excitement and raises the level of competition.

Absorbing the Strikeforce light heavyweight division would give the UFC 10-12 high level fighters.  This needs to happen.

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