MMA Sun’s 2011 Submission of the Year

Since people are more well versed in jiu jitsu submissions are more rare than they used to be.  However, a few exciting submissions took place in 2012 on note.

5. Tito Ortiz’s Gulliotine on Ryan Bader at UFC 132 – July 2
Techincally it was not the most spectacular submission of the year.  However, Ortiz was a huge underdog.  His career was on the line.  Nobody thought he would win.  However, Ortiz rocked Bader with a hard punch and then sunk in a tight choke forcing him to tap.

4. Pablo Garza’s Flying Triangle on Yves Jabouin at UFC 129 – April 30
Any time there is a submission with the word “flying” in it, it was impressive.  Garza’s long limbs make such submissions possible.

3. Diego Brandao’s Armbar on Dennis Bermudez at TUF 14 Finale – December 3
Brandao was getting hamemred by Bermudez.  However, Dennis left an arm in and Diego grabbed it, rolled him and sunk in a deep and tight armbar in what was one of the best armbar submissions I have seen.

2. Chan Sung Jung’s Twister on Leonard Garcia at UFC Fight Night – March 26
This was an incredible submission.  The twister is not an easy move to pull off in MMA.  However, Jung locked in the submission right at the end of the round and caused Garcia to go to tappytown.  Eddie Bravo would be proud.

1. Frank Mir’s Kimura on Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 140 – Deceber 10
Submitting Nogueira is a big deal.  Breaking his arm is an even bigger deal.  Mir looked to be out on his feet when he reversed his fortunes, sunk in the kimura, rolled big Nog and snapped his arm.  It still makes me cringe.

Honorable Mention: Jon Jones modified guilliotine on Lyoto Machida at UFC 140, Vinny Magalhaes gogopolata at M-1 Challenger 25,

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