Will We Ever See Another Gracie in the UFC?

There is no other family more prominent in the sport of mixed martial arts than the Gracie family.  Many long time fans remember the success of Royce Gracie in the early days of the UFC, the success of Renzo around the world and the legend that is Rickson.  However, the Gracie clan has not been as prominent in the sport as it once was.  Renzo and Rolles Gracie both competed in the UFC in 201o and both failed to impress. So, will we see another Gracie fight in the UFC anytime soon?  If so, who will it be.  There is always a chance that we could see Royce or Renzo fight again inside the octagon, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.  Here is a look at the most likely Gracie’s to fight in the UFC.

1. Gregor Gracie –He boasts a 6-1 career record and at just 24 years old has room to grow into a solid mixed martial artist.  Gregor fights at welterweight and is obviously a threat to anyone on the ground.  Gregor has recently signed with the OneFC promotion.  It is unclear what is contract status is with the Asian based promotion, but given his age, he is the most like to be the next Gracie in the UFC.

2. Roger Gracie –  Roger has had the most success out of the recent Gracie fighters.  However, Roger is coming off of a loss to King Mo Lawal in Strikeforce.  If it were not for Roger being tied up in Strikeforce, he would be the most obvious pick to be the next Gracie fighting in the UFC.  However, UFC president Dana White has said that Strikeforce fighters are staying put in Strikeforce.  At 30 years old Roger has a chance to finish up his Strikeforce contract and move to the UFC.

3. Ralek Gracie –  The 26 year old middleweight has a chance to get to the UFC one day.  The question with Ralek is his commitment to MMA.  He has not fought since he defeated Kazushi Sakuraba in May of 2010.  Ralek is just 3-0, but has a fairly impressive resume.  I am not convinced that Ralek has much desire to have a MMA career, but if he decided to become more active he would instantly be on the UFC radar.

4.  Rolles Gracie – The 30 year old heavyweight Gracie had a chance in the UFC.  He lost in his one and only UFC fight to Joey Beltran.  At the time of his entrance into the UFC, most fans felt that Rolles was a top prospect.  On the bright side, Rolles has gone 2-0 since his UFC stint and if he wins a few ore fights he could get an invite back to the promotion.

5. Igor Gracie – Igor is just 4-2, but he did fight and win on the undercard of a Strikeforce event in 2011.  It is possible that he would be on the UFC radar eventually.  He is not incredibly young, but he could be a candidate for Strikeforce or even the Ultimate Fighter.

6. Daniel Gracie – He competed in Bellator’s light heavyweight tournament and since has recently dropped to middleweight.  Daniel is not likely to make a run good enough to get him in the UFC, but you never know.  He is an average fighter who always is dangerous on the ground.

I do not know if in reality we will see another Gracie in the UFC or if another Gracie will be a dominant force on the world’s biggest MMA stage, but there is no doubt that every MMA fighter has been impacted by the Gracie clan.  The Gracie family is still active in training MMA fighters in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and most people credit them for the growth of mixed martial arts.

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