4 Brazilian Fighters UFC Should Sign For Their June Event

The UFC has made it clear that Brazil will be a big time market for them.  The promotion already has plans for a June return and likely one more event in 2012.  There is tons of talent in Brazil as well.  The Ultimate Fighter Brazil will tap into a large bit of that talent, but it is also likely that the organization will sign fighters outright.

1. Jussier da Silva – The UFC began the flyweight division and snatched up new talent such as Ian McCall and Yasuhiro Urushitani.  Meanwhile, they faield to sign one of the top five flyweights in the world in Brazilian, Jussier da Silva.  Jussier will fight two times coming up, but Zuffa has made a mistake not picking up Jussier.  I would love to see a flyweight fight involving Jussier in June in Brazil.

2. Antonio Braga Neto – Braga Neto has an incredible resume.  It is hard to believe he isn’t getting more traction.  He is a jiu jitsu stud.  He has MMA wins over Brock Larson, Maiquel Falcao and TUF Brazil cast member Cezar Ferreira.  He needs to be in the UFC right now.  I think Braga Neto is the best middleweight prospect available right now.

3. Hacran Dias – Hacran Dias was slatted to be in the Ultimate fighter Brazil, but some issues kept him out.  The recent reports are that he is on the verge of signing with the UFC.  It is very possible he will debut in June.  Hacran is MMA Sun’s top featherweight prospect.

4.Vinny Magalhaes – Vinny may not qualify as a prospect because he has been in the UFC.  However, since his release he has been impressive.  He captured the M-1 light heavyweight belt before having a contract dispute with the organization.  He will soon become a free agent and there is no doubt he will be courted by the UFC.

Others: Claudio Henrique Da Silva, Marcelo Guimares, Hernani Perpetuo, Adriano Martins, Alessandro Ferreira, Ildemar Alcantara, Wagner Prado, Renato Carneiro,  Andre “Chatuba” Santos and Alexandre Pantoja

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