100 Fighters the UFC Should Sign Before Tim Sylvia

If you are on Twitter you have probably noticed a rather large campaign attempting to get Dana White to sign Tim Sylvia back to the UFC. It was interesting for the first 3 or 4 tweets, but it is getting rather old. The bottom line is that Tim Sylvia is past his prime and does not deserve another chance. He is much better suited to being knocked out by the likes of ray Mercer and Abe Wagner. I stated that there are at least 100 fighters that the UFC should sign before Tim Sylvia. I wasn’t just using hyperbole. I have named them. Yes, I have too much free time on my hands. With a limited roster, there are several of these fighters who belong in the UFC. If fans want to twitter bomb Dana White and Sean Shelby do it on these guys behalf. Many of these guys could hang in the UFC. Some of these guys could contend at the top. My Twitter campaign is for the UFC to take a look at some of these guys.

  1. Alexander Sarnavskiy
  2. Jussier da Silva
  3.  Vinny Magalhaes
  4. Jimi Manuwa
  5. Tom DeBlass
  6.  Gunnar Nelson
  7. Tom Watson
  8. Hacran Dias
  9. Jared Rosholt
  10. Antonio Braga Neto
  11.  Robert Drysdale
  12. Mamed Khalidov
  13.  Guram Gugenishvili
  14. Jan Blachowicz
  15.  Neilson Gomes
  16. Sirwan Kakai
  17.  Misha Cirkunov
  18. Magomed Malikov
  19. Tom Niinimaki
  20.  Steve Bosse
  21.  John Alessio
  22. Doo Ho Choi
  23.  Josh Hill
  24. Jake Rosholt
  25. Jack Marshmann
  26. Cody Bolinger
  27. Marcelo Guimares
  28. Ronnys Torres
  29. Roy Boughton
  30. Mansour Barnaoui
  31. Saul Almeida
  32. Alessandro Ferreira
  33. Claudio Henrique da Silva
  34. Lance Palmer
  35. Aljamain Sterling
  36. Mark Adams
  37. Ulysses Gomez
  38. Joey Gambino
  39. Kevin Belingon
  40. Takasuke Kume
  41. Eduard Folyang
  42. Ildemar Alcantara
  43. Kyoji Horiguchi
  44. Assan Njie
  45. Frank Baca
  46. Sean Strickland
  47. Tyler East
  48. Tuerxeun Jumabieke
  49. Chris Gruetzemacher
  50. Joe Gambino
  51. Darrell Montague
  52. Anthoy Gutierrez
  53. Alan Omer
  54. Jim Alers
  55. Jimmie Rivera
  56. Alexandre Pantoja
  57. Leandro Higo
  58. Sergio Pettis
  59. Vitaly Minakov
  60. Piotr Strus
  61. Levan Razmadze
  62. Bojan Velickovic
  63. Michael Materla
  64. Alex Garcia
  65. Elvis Mutapcic
  66. Andreas Stahl
  67. Dhiego Lima
  68. Brandon Thatch
  69. Rashid Magomedov
  70. Jarred Mercado
  71. Mairbek Taisumov
  72. Alberto Mina
  73. Rob Sinclair
  74. Juha Pekka Vainikainenk
  75. Brandon Bender
  76. Rasul Mirzaev
  77. Freddy Assuncao
  78. Mick Sinclair
  79. Calvin Kattar
  80. Henrique Bilcalho
  81. Krzystof Piechota
  82. Hans Stringer
  83. Kyle Cerminara
  84. Hernani Perpetuo
  85. Andre Santos
  86. Francimar Barroso
  87. John Fraser
  88. Brock Jardine
  89. Jon Shores
  90. Chris Holdsworth
  91. Bubba Jenkins
  92. Renato Carneiro
  93. Andre Filli
  94. Jose Maria Tome
  95. Paulo Silva
  96. Benjamin Brinsa
  97. Roy Docyogen
  98. Jack Hermansson
  99. Nathew Gunn
  100. Vaso Bakocevic

I could have added more. I could have added any fighter under the Strikeforce banner or any fighter under the Bellator banner. I could have named several other veterans more deserving of a second chance that Tim Sylvia, but I refrained. I hope you get the point.

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2 Responses to 100 Fighters the UFC Should Sign Before Tim Sylvia

  1. Aron says:

    Gunnar Nelson should be UFC first choice. No doubt. It is totally baffling why they haven’t done so already. Maybe Joe Silva isn’t doing as good of a job as he should.Or maybe the UFC is more interested in what country the fighter is from, not how good he is. If so they are doing a big mistake by not signing Gunnar. He has some great supporters all over the UK, Ireland and also Scandinavia and his father roots are in the USA. His father brother even serves in the US marines and can be seen on Gunnar’s official website. Here is a video interview with Neil “Goliath” Grove done after Gunnar last fight in Ireland last month. Neil says Gunnar would win both Ben Askren and Douglas Lima 99 times out of 100!

  2. cscmemorabilia says:

    Yeah, Timmy will have a tough time getting back into the UFC, even if he were to string together some impressive wins.

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