Who Should Coach The Ultimate Fighter 16?

The UFC is nearing the launch of the Ultimate Fighter season 16, which will debut on FX in September. The question arises, who will be the coaches for the reality show? The UFC has always tried to put solid coaches on the show as a means of boosting ratings. It should not be long until the decision is made as to who will coach the welterweight cast of the Ultimate Fighter 16. Let me throw out some possibilities.

1. Sonnen vs. Bisping – Chael Sonnen has a fight in a few weeks with Anderson Silva and this potential match up would certainly depend on the outcome of that particular fight. While the possibility of amazing trash talk would be incredible, this is probably an unlikely scenario. Bisping is coming off of an injury and Sonnen’s status is unclear until his July 7th fight with Silva.  From an entertainment stand point this is the option to hope for.  I think it is possible whether or not Sonnen wins, but unlikely.

2. Nate Diaz vs. Ben Henderson/Frankie Edgar winner – I am never a fan of win the champion of a particular division is held up with the Ultimate Fighter duty. However, in this particular instance, the champion would not really be held up any. Edgar and Henderson will re-match on August 11th. The winner of that fight would not likely fight until December anyways. Why not show case Diaz and the lightweight champion on the reality show. Anything with a Diaz is good television.

3. Demetrious Johnson vs. Joesph Benavidez – This is a highly unlikely scenario, however I am not opposed to it. The two flyweights are set to fight for the first ever flyweight title. These guys could use the exposure. I have a feeling that the UFC would like to get this fight over with before December, but there is a slim possibility of them being TUF coaches.

4. Brian Stann vs. Vitor Belfort – Both have recently been forced out of fights with injuries. The timing would be about right for them to fight in December. Both are good personalities and are very marketable. This would make for a great fight even if they don’t coach TUF.

5. Eddie Alvarez vs. Anthony Pettis – Yes, I know that Eddie Alvarez is currently under contract with Bellator. No, I am not certain that he will sign with the UFC when his contract is over this summer. However, it is a real possibility. I am not sure that the UFC will make this move, but what if the UFC drops Alvarez right into a top contender match with Pettis and a stint as a TUF coach. Don’t be surprised if this happens.

6. Rashad Evans vs. Alexander Gustafsson – This fight makes sense in that particular division.  Rashad is a big name.  Gustafsson is an upcoming fighter who many think can challenge Jon Jones.  I would not complain about this match up on TUF.

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