5 Welterweights Ready for the Big Show

1. Brandon Thatch – Thatch is the best available welterweight.  Period.  He has been destroying opponents.  My guess is that there is a good chance Thatch makes it on TUF 16.  He trains with Shane Carwin, one of the coaches.  He deserves to be in the UFC.  TUF would be a good route, but not necessarily a required route.  I will be surprised if his next fight is not in the UFC or Bellator.

2. Chris Feist – Fesit is another Team Takedown product with a solid resume.  The one obstacle in his path is that in his four MMA fights, he has not fought anyone with a winning record.  He may need to win two or three fights against decent competition first.  However, I believe Feist has the skills to do well.  I think that the Ultimate Fighter route would be great for him.

3. Hernani Perpetuo – He is a nova uniao fighter with a 13-3 record.  He has also fought solid competition.  He has beaten Daniel Acacio and Ediberto Crocota.  His time may very well come sooner rather than later.

4. Assan Njie – He is another guy who surprisngly didn’t get the call for the UFC in Sweden.  Make no mistake about it, he is one of the top 2 fighters in Sweden not in the UFC.  If the UFC were to go back there, they would sign him right away.  However, he may get the chance anyways.

5. Andre Santos – The Team Nogueira product certainly had some hype behind him at one time.  He seems now to be coming into his own.  Chatuba has a solid record with solid wins.  The one question for him is consistency.

Others: Chidi Njokuani, Yan Cabral, and Alex Garcia.

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