Brock Lesnar

Record: 5-2
Ranking: 3
Age: 33 (DOB: 7/12/77)
Weight Class: Hevayweight
Camp: Deathclutch Gym
Style: Wrestling
Nationality: American
Promotion: UFC
Next Fight: Junior Dos Santos – UFC 131 – June 12
Credentials: Former UFC Heavyweight champion
Notes: Despite many people who are “haters” Lesnar is the biggest draw in the sport.  The former WWE star successfully transitioned into MMA where he quickly became a UFC champion.  While many may remember him for his days in professional wrestling he is a legit wrestler.  Lesnar was an NCAA division I National Champion at the University of Minnesota. Lesnar’s size and strength have ushered in the heavyweight division.  Lesnar is a serious threat to anyone.

  • Brock Lesnar tapped to coach the Ultimate Fighter 13 opposite Junior Dos Santos.  The two to fight in June for number one contender spot.

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