Cain Velasquez

Record: 9-0
Ranking: 1 (#7 Pound for Pound)
Age: 28 (DOB: 7/28/82)
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Camp: American Kickboxing Academy
Style: Wrestling & Boxing
Nationality: American
Promotion: UFC
Next Fight: Unknown
Credentials: UFC Heavyweight champion
Twitter: @cainmma
Notes: A former wrestler at Arizona State University has backed up all the hype he had coming into the sport.  Velasquez ran through guys such as Cheick Kongo and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira en route to capturing the title by defeating Brock Lesnar.

<strong>Record:</strong> 13-1-1<a href=””><img class=”alignright size-full wp-image-4379″ title=”Frank_Edgar” src=”; alt=”” width=”183″ height=”275″ /></a>
<strong>Ranking: </strong>1 (#4 Pound for Pound)
<strong>Age:</strong> 29 (DOB: 10/16/81)
<strong>Weight Class: </strong>Lightweight (155 lbs)
<strong>Nickname:</strong> The Answer
<strong>Camp:</strong> Ricardo Almeida BJJ
<strong>Style:</strong> Wrestling &amp; Boxing
<strong>Nationality:</strong> American
<strong>Promotion:</strong> UFC
<strong>Next Fight:</strong> Gray Maynard, UFC 130 – May 28
<strong>Credentials:</strong> UFC Lightweight champion
<strong>Notes: </strong>Edgar has cemented his spot as the world’s best lightweight. He holds 2 wins over B.J. Penn and a win over Sean Sherk. Though a smaller lightweight, Edgar has proven competitve with anyone in the world. <strong>

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