Top Asian MMA Prospects

Top Asian Prospects

Rank Name Wgt Class Record Country
1 Kevin Belingon BW 8-0 Philippines
2 Hai Lin Ao WW 7-0 China
3 Eduard Folayang LW 8-1 Philippines
4 Nobutatsu Suzuki MW 7-0 Japan
5 Zhuo Yang FW 6-0 China
6 Yusaku Inoue WW 6-0 Japan
7 Takehiro Higuchi BW 4-0 Japan
8 Seung Ho Yang WW 4-0 South Korea
9 Angelito Manguray LW 4-0 Philippines
10 Seung Hwan Bang LW 15-6 South Korea
11 Teruhiko Azumaya LW 3-0-2 Japan
12 Mitch Chilson FW 9-1 Singapore
13 Koichiro Matsumoto LW 11-2 Japan
14 Shigeki Osawa FW 5-1 Japan

2 Responses to Top Asian MMA Prospects

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  2. ericsson says:

    the pinay are the best of the bunch

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