TUF 11: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz

Coaches: Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell
Weight Class: Middleweights (185 lbs.)
Production: January 22 – March
Debut: March 31, 2010
Viewing: SPIKE – Wednesday Night

Team Liddell
Kyle Noke (2-0; Def. McKinney in Ep. 2)
Rich Attonito (2-0; Def. K. Uscola in Ep. 4)
Charles Blanchard (1-1;  Def. By Yager in Ep. 4)
Josh Bryant (2-0; Def. Kris McCray in Ep. 5)
Brad Tavares (2-0; Def. Hammortree in Ep. 3)
Court McGee
Joe Henle
Jake Shields (Assistant Coach)
John Hackleman (Assistant Coach)
Howard Davis Jr (Assistant Coach)
Scott Epstein (Assistant Coach)

Team Ortiz
Nick Ring
Kyacey Uscola(1-1; Def by Rich Atonito in Ep. 4)
Kris “Savage” McCray (1-1; Def by Bryant in Ep. 5)
Jamie Yager (2-0; Def. Blanchard in Ep. 4)
James Hammortree (1-1; Def by Tavares in Ep. 3)
Clayton McKinney (1-1, def. by Noke in Ep. 2)
Chris Camozzi (Injured)
Seth Bacszsynski
Saul Soliz (Assistant Coach)
Rob Mccullough (Assistant Coach)
Cleber Luciano (Assistant Coach)

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