TUF 17

Weight Classes: 185 & 205

Possible Cast:


  • Tor Troeng (+)
  • Uriah Hall (+)
  • Bubba McDaniel (+)
  • Josh Samman (+)
  • Dylan Andrews (+)
  • Luke Barnatt (+)
  • Kelvin Gastelum (+)
  • Kevin Casey (+)
  • Jimmy Quinlan (+)
  • Adam Cella
  • Gilbert Smith
  • Clint Hester
  • Collin Hart
  • Zak Cummings
  • Kito Andrews
  • Fraser Opie
  • Leo Bercier
  • Nik Fekete
  • Andy Enz
  • Eric Wahlin
  • Tim Williams
  • Mike Jasper
  • Jake Heun
  • Eldon Sproat
  • Nicholas Kohring
  • Scott Rosa
  • Ryan Bigler
  • Mike Persons

(?) – Not Positive about them making the cast.  Pretty certain they did not make the house though.

(+) – Pretty sure they made the final 16

6 Responses to TUF 17

  1. kimurasimon says:

    Nico Musoke is fighting in Sweden next weekend and did not make it to the house. Tor Troeng is in the house for sure. We at Kimura.se announced the exlusive news some time ago.

  2. Crash-84 says:

    If they’re still filming Sheldon Westcott isn’t on the show… I’ve seen him around town and cornering at local shows recently in Edmonton!

  3. Bull says:

    Luke Barnatt has the middleweight division already won. Guy’s a freak of the middleweight division. I honestly believe he will glide through TUF then move straight trough the UFC ranks to a title.

  4. bickdick says:

    sonnen gay
    jones chicken

  5. That Guy says:

    There’s a bunch of videos promoting this season that has a number of guys on it on the UltimanteFighterFX youtube channel:

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