TUF 9: Team U.S. vs. Team U.K

Coaches: Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson
Weight Classes: Lightweights and Welterweights
Finale: June 20, 2009
Viewing: Spike TV, Wednesdays at 10:00 PM/ET

U.S. Lightweights
Jason Dent
Cameron Dollar
Richie Whitson
Santino DeFranco

U.K. Lightweights
Ross Pearson
Andre Winner
Martin Stapleton
Jeff Lawson

U.S. Welterweights
DeMarques Johnson*
Frank Lester
Mark Miller (Eliminated by Nick O. in Quarter-Finals)
Jason Pierce (Eliminated Due to Injury)

U.K. Welterweights
James Wilkes
Nick Osipczak (Eliminated by Johnson in Semi-Finals)
Dean Amasinger (Eliminated by Johnson in Quarter-Finals)
Dave Faulkner (Eliminated by Lester in Quarter-Finals)

*In the Finals

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